Leo Medical Co., Ltd.

     Leomed is a high-tech medical enterprise. We dedicate our work to research, develop manufacture and market advanced medical devices. We have excellent teams of researchers, engineers, quality assurers and marketer. Many of them have extensive experience in their fields, and have collaborated with experts in various prestigious domestic and international institutions and companies in medical device development field.

     Leomed utilizes leading biomedical technologies to develop medical devices for assisting the diagnosis, intervention and treatment of diseases in the digestive system and vascular system. We believe in minimal invasive approach being the most human approach to the patients while not compromising the quality of the procedure. Minimal invasion in medical treatments often allow patients to recover quicker, and doctors to have simplify medical operation. it is a win-win approach for all. We stand by our believes and will continually devote our focus in this area.

     In addition to features, more importantly, we highly emphasis on safety and quality of our products. Our products are manufactured in 10,000 Class Clean Room (Equivalent to Grand B of ISO standards). We follow repeatable and practical SOPs for product testing online and offline. Leomed is accredited with ISO13485:2003 Certificate of Quality Management System and is in fully compliance with The Requirements of International Quality Management System.